Shimul Flower Blooms Photo | South Asian Spring Flower Shimul

Shimul (Shimul Phul/ful) is a leading spring flower of Bangladesh. It blooms in spring season and it is an unique feature of this tree is that there are no more leaves during it's time of blooming. It's dark reddish petal covering with dark green calyx really gives glorious view. This gorgeous flower is only seen in the South Asia, specially in Bangladesh(Though I don't know clearly). Shimul flower leads as great to spring when a sound much flowers are to be bloomed.

Shimul Flower with a parakeet(Tiya Pakhi). Those two nice things are really seen pretty together. We can see this scene in spring season when parakeets only fly in the sky of Bangladesh.

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Saadi Ben Sayeed said...

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
We appreciate And loved your work. We, some Bangladeshi students want to use your 2nd photograph Shimul Flower with a parakeet(Tiya Pakhi) on a calendar we are doing for our university.
If you could provide a Higher resolution copy of this pic, we would be grateful to you.
If its possible. Please email at this address:

We are eagerly looking forward to you.Thanks in advance :)

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