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A Camellia brings to any garden a presence of royalty, a winter queen, when the rest of the garden are sleeping. The aristocrat of the garden, wonderfully green all year round with spectacular flowers in winter. I a pot or in the ground enjoy the majesty of a Camellia's splendor.They've been cultivated here for 200 years, since the early days of European settlement and if you're looking for a hardy, winter flowering plant, Camellias are hard to beat. They'll give you beautiful blooms right through autumn, winter and into spring. And they make a great foliage plant too, even without the flowers - those dark green glossy leaves are most attractive.

Which is the best of Camellia
With such a large range of camellias available, the task of choosing the right plant may be daunting for a newcomer. It helps to understand that all camellia varieties can be classified into one of live groups, six if you care to separate the higus from the japonicas. These are the species and each has its own unique qualities and requirements.

Growing Advice
Whether planting camellias in the garden or in pots the procedure much the same and relatively easy. The first step is to give the camellia a water, this well lessen any shock to the plant and aid in removal from the pot or container.

If planting in the ground dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball and one and a half times as high. Backfill with a good quality potting mix, ensuring that the camellia is not planted too deep, this is very important as camellias are shallow moted. planting too deeply is a major cause of unhealthy plant, the to of the camellias root ball should be level with the ground, no deeper!

 In colder areas, it is an excellent choice for a conservatory border, or a large pot that is put outside in the summer and brought in before the frosts. Wendy Bates of Coghurst Camellias especially recommends 'Hiryu' and 'Jean May' for pot cultivation, as well as the small-leafed, compact 'Paradise Petite'.

In the garden, camellias like a neutral to slightly acid, well-drained, light but humus-rich soil. Plants should be mulched every spring with home-made compost or shredded bark, since drought at the roots causes flower-bud drop. Camellia sasanqua tolerates more sun than most camellias, but needs a mulch to keep the roots cool. These plants will also grow in the dappled shade of deciduous shrubs or trees.

Like all camellias, they hate cold, drying winds. Prune the tips of the more straggly cultivars such as 'Crimson King' after flowering. It is possible to clip Camellia sasanqua cultivars into topiary shapes or hedges, and they can look very impressive when grown that way.

Japonica is the most beatiful camellia amongst the all and have recognised as right camellia. It contains strong growth habit, large glossy deeo green leaves. The beautiful purple camellia bloom loves to all.

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